ETI0003-1086  Smart Rackmount PDUEnergy Technologies’ forte is the design and manufacture of rugged, high reliability products for critical applications in both normal and hostile environments. ETI’s power products, available as either standard or custom versions, include AC and DC Power Distribution Units (PDU), Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), Integrated Power Systems (IPS), Frequency Converters, Power Conditioners, and AC and DC Power Supplies.

Rugged Power Power Distribution Units come in all shapes and sizes to meet the customer’s requirements. Features range from simplistic to sophisticated intelligence, from local control to remote control, from commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) to entirely custom.

Load controls can be a singular master or individual operation. Control choices include switches, circuit breakers or solidstate relays; single, double or triple pole. Intelligent features integrate the ability to monitor and alarm UPS operation, rack or equipment temperatures and safety interlocks. Alarms features incorporate first-out flashing LEDs, adjustable audible alarm, alarm acknowledge, and alarm contacts. Control functions include manual on/off operation or automatic shutdown via thermal or safety interlocks.

Purged Systems & Air Conditioned units also available
Components are well secured and electrically insulated to prevent damage.

ETI offers NEMA units available in numerous configurations.

  • Multiple UPS Ratings Selection
  • Multiple Transformer Ratings Selection Global AC Input Selection
  • Multi-national AC Output Selection
  • Mix and Match Input/Output Voltages
  • Mix and Match Input/Output Frequencies
  • With or Without Galvanic Isolation
  • With or Without Distribution
  • Standard or Extended Run Times
  • Flame Retardant "Maintenance Free" Batteries
  • Choice of any NEMA Enclosure Type
  • Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Cabinets
  • Standard or Custom Interfaces
  • Rugged Designs for Industrial or Military

Rackmount PDUs

Energy Technologies manufactures a wide variety of Power Distribution Units (PDU) products due to the modularity of the product line and the diverse requirements of our clients.

offshore rig

Tactical PDUs

ETI provides custom powerbackup and conditioning solutions for the equipment in oil fields.. Our Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) have been configured in rugged NEMA cabinets with special metal "roofs" to help dissepate heat even in harsh desert climates.

Oil Field

UPS with internal PDUs

Energy Technologies, Inc. supports oil pipelines in El Paso, Texas with our Eti0005-series, Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Installed in a weather proof NEMA cabinet, these units are mounted on poles and covered by a stainless steel “Teepee” for shedding solar loading in a Relay Hut. These units incorporate features such as :

  • 100 - 400 VA
  • 24 Hours of Battery Backup
  • Wind Resistance
  • Salt Resistance
  • Vibration Shielding

Ultimate Power Source UPS with PDU

ETI supplies backup power and power conditioning solutions for offshore oil platforms around the world. Our Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) can be secured into NEMA cabinets to function in harsh conditions or configured into standard equipment racks for a wide variety of applications.

ETI is proud to be fully ISO 9001 Certified ETI is proud to be veteran owned ETI is proud to be RoHS ETI is proud to be TAA
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